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Swift – Creating an inclusive digital economy

In the 40-plus years since Swift was founded, its role has grown beyond being a financial messaging platform to become a space for the financial community to come together and collaborate and innovate. We worked with Work Less Ordinary to develop a new identity that contemporised their vitally important presence in the world.

Swift – Creating an inclusive digital economy
Swift advertising
Swift advertising

UNCLE – Renting as it should be

In 2022 we worked with the UNCLE team to rework the identity and refresh their messaging. The brief was clear: Make the brand feel more premium and more characterful. We enlisted a professional typographer to refine their marque, we proposed a restricted colour palette, a strict use of their graphic device and a more impactful approach to typography to deliver the messages from the refreshed copy bank.

UNCLE – Renting as it should be
The UNCLE identity updated
UNCLE ditital comms
UNCLE print comms

Connectr – For businesses where people belong

Connectr, previously MyKindaFuture, had built a successful HR company supporting young people from all backgrounds into work. But with big ambitions to grow their promising in-house SaaS product with a wider audience, they were unsure whether the MyKindaFuture brand was helping or hindering their progress. 

We worked closely with the leadership team to agree the direction for the business and establish Connectr as the future master brand. Then we built an entirely new brand around the idea of belonging and developed an identity expressing what it means to belong.

Connectr – For businesses where people belong
Connectr billboard ad
Connectr partner postcards
Connectr Instagram
Connectr illustrations
Connectr business cards

Academy – The place to progress

We met co-founders Ashley Ramrachia and Saul Klein at the start of their journey to tackle the digital skills gap by democratising access to world-class technology and leadership training. But to convince top graduates to abandon the traditional career path, we needed to appeal to their heart as well as their head. 

We worked with the team to build the brand from the ground up, positioning Academy as the place to progress not just in your own career, but also as a member of a movement. We infused this idea into the visual identity and used bold, confident language to cut through with a younger audience. 

Academy – The place to progress
Academy billboard
Academy branded tote bag
Academy website
Academy animated logo and device
Academy onboarding pack

Nest – Shifting perspective

Nest is a paid social marketing agency for ecommerce brands, founded in 2019 by three ex-Google and Facebook employees. To achieve their ambition to become the number one ecommerce marketing partner in Europe, they needed help creating an exciting B2B brand and establishing their thoughts leadership credentials.

With founders who had been in paid social since its inception, combined with an unparalleled understanding of ecommerce brands’ challenges, we put Nest’s confident perspective at the heart of the brand. The result? A B2B brand that stands out and shifts perspective. 

Nest – Shifting perspective
New nest website
Office signage
The Readout report
Exterior messaging
Brand guidelines

Television Centre – A new centre of gravity for London

In 2013, Stanhope and AHMM architects drew up plans to turn the old BBC Television headquarters in West London into a mixed use development. But to sell space, we first needed to create a sense of place.

We helped put the iconic landmark back on the map by positioning it as a new centre of gravity for London with a modern vision for London living done right. Completed during our time with Prophet consultancy with creative direction from Adam Johnson

Television Centre – A new centre of gravity for London
Television Centre animated logo
Street-side hoarding Television Centre

Creative Business Company – The fox and the hedgehog

The observation by the Greek poet Archilochus that ’the fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing’ is often cited as an analogy of protectionist or diversifying management styles and business strategies. 

We wrapped both into the identity for this Canadian strategy consultancy, styled to have a classic intellectual authority.

Creative Business Company – The fox and the hedgehog
CBC business cards
The CBC icon

Samsung Galaxy – Free to invent

In 2015, Samsung Galaxy wasn't standing out in the premium smartphone category; there was Apple, then somewhere quite far behind there was everyone else. 

We helped to create an identity that matched Samsung’s ambition for Galaxy. By stripping it back to simple components, black and white, and creating a consolidated logo system and new custom typeface, we added modernity, punch, and character. The result is a bold visual system that's recognisably Samsung but leaves advertisers, marketers, and designers free to invent. Additional design and creative direction by Mr Neil Southwell.

Samsung Galaxy – Free to invent
Samsung Galaxy logo
Samsung Galaxy guidelines
Samsung Galaxy A advert
Samsung Galaxy signage
Samsung Flip Visual

Addiko Bank – Straightforward banking

Mismanagement had led to a South Eastern European bank shedding customers and staff. Following a change of ownership, we were tasked with developing a new name, brand strategy, visual identity, and ad campaign to rebuild the brand from the ground up. 

We worked with the executive team to develop a proposition rooted in a simple promise – straightforward banking – and redefined their products, service, and experience to deliver on it. Our work helped take the bank from national scandal to successful IPO in under five years. Completed during our time with Prophet consultancy.

Addiko Bank – Straightforward banking
Addiko Guidelines
Addiko character
Addiko in market

Mindfully Made – Changing the environmental impact of textiles for good

Bluesign is the leading B2B accreditation company for sustainable manufacturing. Having established partnerships with brands that include Patagonia, Nike, and North Face, they wanted to seek investment for a consumer label to create the ‘Fair Trade of sustainably made clothes’. 

We worked with the executive team to turn a technical accreditation system into a cause consumers could champion. A new name, identity, and call to action to “change the environmental impact of textiles for good” was accompanied by a marketing strategy and investment case for launching the new global consumer accreditation label.

Mindfully Made – Changing the environmental impact of textiles for good
Mindfully Made in store tags
Mindfully Made print marketing