The VC that knows how to party

We’ve been helping Backed build a brand worthy of their challenger status, starting with the Backed 150 party in Lisbon last year.

We first got introduced to Backed last September when we visited their offices in Shoreditch, tucked behind Hackney Road in a beautiful Victorian warehouse. They’re a young, personable venture capital firm, not afraid to do things differently – attractive traits to their impressive portfolio of European startups.

Since then, we’ve been partnering with Vinay, Andre, and Alex to bring the brand to life in refreshing new ways, starting with the Backed 150 party in Lisbon last year: “the best party on summit, off summit, anywhere” – you can quote them on that.

In a world where VCs can be seen as cold and calculated, events like this have helped to place humanity at the heart of the Backed brand.

“It's obvious from working with Pete and Zayn that they've spent time in a startup. I'm grateful for their strategic approach to design, reactiveness to unexpected challenges, and honesty about some of my more dodgy ideas. Their first and last thought is always for creating impactful work, which is why we love partnering with them.”

– Vinay Chaudhri, Backed.