Guiding an HR technology business through transformation


How do you help a successful HR company capitalise on a product brand whose growth is outpacing the rest of the business?

Founded in 2011, MyKindaFuture had partnered with more than 80 FTSE companies to bridge the gap between talent and employers. Through services such as workshops and open days, students and overlooked talent received the skills and opportunities to succeed in work. Following the successful launch of their mentoring platform in 2019 called Connectr, it soon became clear there was an opportunity to reach a much wider audience than previously possible.

This presented the leadership team with a critical challenge: capitalise on the promise of Connectr without harming the service side of the business. We were asked to help them navigate the brand architecture and unify the organisation around a shared purpose and brand identity.

Connectr's new brand promise


To solve the brand architecture challenge, we set out to make an abstract decision feel more tangible and understandable by showing how alternative solutions would come to life in the real world. Then we used insights from hours of interviews with the leadership team and heads of department to evaluate the different strategies. In a clear signal of change, the decision was made to rebrand from MyKindaFuture to Connectr.

Workshops with the organisation uncovered a crucial insight that talent felt increasingly isolated from their current or future employer. We realised that while most HR departments still resort to financial incentives to attract and retain talent, what people actually want is to feel included and understood. They want real connection to the people and organisations they work for. This led to Connectr’s new brand promise: for businesses where people belong. The promise was achieved through technology that formed connections, D&I consultancy, and a mentoring platform people loved using. 

The visual identity underwent an evolution to surface Connectr’s humanity. A refined logo, new illustration and photographic style and warm colour palette all worked together to communicate a sense of belonging. 

We also helped translate the new brand positioning into individual propositions for each of the business’ mentoring products and legacy services. With a new unified approach, Connectr was able to ensure the story came to life cohesively and consistently across the entire product portfolio.

"Cutler+Goddard were fantastic in helping us navigate and untangle the challenges we faced. This enabled us to unify our business around a shared purpose.

At each stage, we felt understood and were able to collaborate in the creative and decision-making process.

The evolution from MyKindaFuture to Connectr represents more than just a rebrand. It's a pivotal shift in how we deliver impact and achieve our ambition. I’m delighted with the result.”

Emma O’Connor – Head of Marketing and Brand, Connectr